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At FW, we believe luxury designer products are timeless pieces of art. Our mission is to sustain the life cycle of our luxury finds and make them accessible to a more diverse group of fashionista's. 

Luxury products are not for everyone, however, we know our luxury finds are within financial reach to anyone who is captivated by it


Is to provide a platform for the world of fashionistas, where every luxury finds are guaranteed authentic and in pristine condition.


Located in a city considered as the fashion hub of Asia, luxury finds here are most sought after.

Core Values

Service Quality

Time is our most valuable asset

Ensuring every transaction, from placing an order to receiving the order goes smoothly as possible.


Giving value to both time and money, we always aim to WOW our clients with every purchase.


Each of our luxury finds goes through a series of authenticating process twice to ensure nothing is missed by our in house authenticators who have put in years of experience.


We do not let machines decide for us.


We only authenticate by personally analysing the item through sight and touch.


A community for fashionistas where they can reach out to buy most sought after luxury designer brands in excellent condition, and sell or consign items they are ready to part with.

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