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Privacy Policy

In order to respect your personal privacy rights, please read the following "Personal Information Collection Statement" for the content and purpose before registering as a member of this website.

1) The Company complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong and other relevant laws and regulations. The Company also conscientiously implements the [Fashionistaway Personal Information Protection Program (hereinafter referred to as the Company Code)] and implements the Guidelines in a continuous effort to improve.

2) In the development of the protection of personal information management system at the same time, this principle will be implemented to all management and staff. Efforts to implement compliance.

3) We use the personal information of our customers in accordance with personal information. Without the consent of the customer or without justifiable circumstances, will not be available to third parties and disclosure of personal information of customers.

4) The Company endeavors to safeguard the personal information of its customers, prevent illegal access to personal information and loss, damage, tampering and leakage of information.

5) The company accepted the customer's personal information query requirements, with a sincere attitude, and quickly processed

Purpose of collecting and using personal data

Fashionistaway may use the information collected and provided by you for one or more of the following purposes:

  • For marketing and publicity purposes of the Group;

  • For the internal records and statistics of the Group;


Data confidentiality

The personal data you provide to Fashionistaway will be stored in the servers of Fashionistaway and will only be used by authorized employees of the Marketing Department. Such information will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person. Except for persons who must be disclosed to them in accordance with applicable laws, administrative systems or regulations. However, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any third party invading the computer, stealing information, or that there will be no unauthorized access to the information. However, Fashionistaway will try its best to take all practical measures to protect the collected personal data from interference by third parties. 


Keep data

We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose of collecting the data. We will also keep archived personal data for statistical purposes. Unless you request to keep it, the information will be destroyed seven years after you log in to use our service for the last time. All personal information of members registered online will be archived to our server.

For all your personal data that has been retained, you can request to delete your personal data. Fashionistaway will process it as soon as possible after receiving the relevant request. When necessary, we will ask you to provide personal information for identity verification purposes. After the relevant request is approved, Fashionistaway will process and complete the request to delete such data within one month. The application for deletion of personal data will be transferred to the deletion file for storage after approval, and the data will not be used again.


You agree

You agree that the personal data provided by you to Fashionistaway can be used for the above-mentioned purposes and can be disclosed to the persons specified in the "Personal Data Collection Statement" of Fashionistaway.

If you do not want to receive information about the development, activities and promotion of Fashionistaway, you can send an email to  or call (852) 69040914 to stop receiving information from Fashionistaway. The Fashionistaway will follow up after receiving the relevant request. If necessary, we will ask you to provide personal information for identity verification purposes. Fashionistaway will process the request within one month after receiving the request and stop distributing information about Fashionistaway to you.



According to the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance, the data subject has the right to access or change the personal data that has been retained. If the data subject wants to make a request for access, he can email to  or mail it to the customer service team of Fashionistaway at Flat 3 8/F Lok Fu Building, 28 Tak Man Street Hung Hom Kowloon. If necessary, we will ask you to provide personal information for identification. For verification purposes, we will contact you and process it within one month of receiving the request. Fashionistaway may charge administrative fees based on relevant requirements.


After you complete the online membership registration, it means that you have read and understood and agreed to accept the contents of this "Personal Information Collection Statement".

**All the above content is subject to the English version.

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